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Coriolanus - Outtakes by Spencer Murphy [x]

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So these were my favorite dresses from all those reblogs and now I’m REALLY done with ‘em I swear

you have good taste i wanna wear these owob

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Reblog if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

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“De Niro tried out for the part of Sonny. And we shot a test on De Niro, which I think exists, that was so electrifying. He was spectacular, but it was Sonny really like killer, nothing you could ever sell.” - Francis Ford Coppola on Robert De Niro’s audition for Sonny Corleone

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Alright, story time with AceByCircle

So, I was looking for sheet music of some songs from Les Miserables. And, I found a whole PDF with all the songs with lyric sheet music. Now, I really only wanted to find Stars, and the Confrontation. 

So, I looked at Stars, to see how hard it would be.

Oh, that’s not too bad- Something’s not right


You son of a gun

This sly fucker is staring at me like, Fuck yeah, I fell from God. 

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it’s only blood; i have plenty left
it’s only blood; i just need to rest
i said i’d fix this
that i’d set things straight
you begged me not to
but i couldn’t stay
couldn’t wait
they cut me up, but i did them worse
and i’ll be fine, i just need to rest

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yo hey everyone who reblogs this gets a pixel thing like thisimage
except with different words based on your blog

sure, why not



Ok i’m game

i’ll be waiting


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Wanna know what I miss the most? The time when all I had to worry about was watching oz and posting all about it. Those were some terrific times…

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